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Ayomikun Boyede
14 min readSep 29, 2022


Time line: Jan 2022 — June

Davolee : Earning Wish 🌟

BNXN fka Buju Benson : Sorry I’m Late

Niniola : Lagos To Jozi

Moelogo : Euphonic

Simi : TBH

Naira : God’s Timing’s The Best 🌟

JayWillz: Sun flower

Kiss Daniel : Barnabas

Rema : Rave and Roses

Dj Neptune — Greatness 2.0

Young John — Love is not enough

SUN FLOWER begin with a chilly melody, he marauds his lady’s body and feelings over his exceptional voiced range — Skin Tight. We divide considerable Spoils on the subsequent track Oh Fiona listen 👂, make a badman pullover — JayWillz holds a Wishlist and it records love messages on a Sugarbeat whither the dancing truly starts. Every Afrobeats artiste has got his/her concealed flow that hold you tapping and vibing, Jay runs this flow steady. His Problems 🌟 are aptly documented in a triumphant try at the conscious music …//Make I no kolo so I enjoy myself, Sunday I go praise the Lord , I’m moving majestical…// Off the light!

Kizz Daniel brings out a special work in Barnabas. He sings praises to the colour of the skin and encourages the inner drive to floud forth. This is my life and I owe it to the most High to be awesome. The critical success of Lie is a major win in this artiste’s Afrobeats career as well as the genre itself. We need him to make songs like this all year round — drawback to days of Baby, Madu perceivable. Young John whines a wicked burning tune and Vado gives voice to his superficial love manifesto arousing a leaning baby girl. Sawa Sawa Cavemen croons in the backdrop of Oshe — Flyboy thanks the lady for the selfless world-touring love. It’s remarkable you can have The Cavemen on your song with no verse conferred🥺. The EP-named recording is an unquestionable viral hit, you can dance to this jam from morning to night. All he bids of you is to know Barnabas — (Eh God) Addict is the Ruminative song only Vado can sing about his way of life and his excessive(s). Another viral hit Pour Me Water hones in on the vanity flair of his love intricacies…//If I do you bad, no pour me water…//

Young John opens up for a surprise E.P that would light up the Afrobeats scene. Normally …//Loving you is my only bad habit 😌… This song is an absolute vibe brewed in perfect afro sound roots; the protagonist is also a major influencer in the genre’s recent sounds. Next To You with Vedo is a pure sound from this artiste and lays everything bare for her just so he could wake up next to her. Titled LOVE IS WICKED, a synchrony name with his appellation or an oxymoron for the actual msg of the project. Dada is one of the top tunes of the year if not the top tune, bar it’s remix which dropped after this project. A perfectly tempered young John beat spinning in a spotless background of himself adding flavour to its core. 32 maybe tackles the theme copy as the lone song a long-lost lover is beseeched earnestly…//Baby sheh you dey hear my voice and screaming…//

RAVE AND ROSES🌹… Uh might receive bad reviews here first let’s home in on Divine — Rema relates a rough and precinct ordeal which results in Mom naming him divine. Hold Me glides in almost like a lullaby. It’s 6lack’s song and thanks to him the Rema song is lifted. The horn on the beat has traces of 6lack himself as is the retro style in the buildup to the jam. Calm Down was the promotional song to this body of work, and it was profound on the charts, over a million replays from this editor on initial release. Time N Affection 🌟 is an absolute classic Collab with Breezy. Rema tries to do a Breezy on his delivery — the man makes the line crystal when he flows on the song. I would be forgiven to be passive on Jo, as it resonates like the previous and the next. Hold on, we got an ambience: Addicted 🌟. A jam asserts it’s significant status by plain magic on a sultry unwitting beat, Rema frisked the right chords with this one and the succeeding: Are You There and the next, FYN ft AJ Tracey, makes the favorited soundtrack of the album. 🌟 Runaway is Rema’s reserved love song done by London — irresistible forces of love and nature are against him …//Baby, ready your luggage, people no want make we dey together … Na you be my nut if you comot for my head…//

When you hear me say Logo… You know it’s a 💥!! Soft Life with Chinko grow a tapping cadence on its way in a EUPHONIC manner. Up To You spotlights the vibe on his favoured woman and whines her with some endearing words. A tale is sung for the Sweetest Wine 🍷 and it’s intransigent from the last, she is invited into a zone where he can tend to her needs // He s fussed, he doesn’t want to talk about Nothing, it turns out she played him out + this Moelogo heartbreak flow is special in it’s right. Waiting, a separately related tale is the second duet with Blue Lab Beats, for a minute the Afrosounds become a charged entity and it excites.

Simi’s, TO BE HONEST, is as simple as it can. In the stoical album titled set a jolly ride, the artiste follows suit in Story Story and she goes spiritual in Born Again — all she does is play on our subconscious as she goes morally indefensible with entities that might be at loggerheads to her fame. She might 🎁 present herself as a Naked Wire, you are not to be hoodwinked. Loyal comes along with Fave — Simi lays bare anew for her sure people. Tell me are you lo … !! Fave dings off the background music. 🌟 Balance beat the legs to the tapping tune with AG Baby turning out. His signature gives life to the vibe Simi wanted and she sways with it. Logba Logba say … The Nigerian lady scheme her exploits around the fluky playboy, a game she wins because her soul is pure. //Easy easy wait a minute…// she won’t stress and she ne’er leaves for the one who-d remain. Pheelz would be gifted the most defiant tune in No Joy tho the next slew of songs come with the same 🔥

Temper 🌟 , a solo rendition of a beautiful full-blooded black woman who treads on her temper, unsuccessfully with some Don Perignon. Her words bide near the edge and reverberate as stern — Nobody gathers the baton effortlessly at the end as Simi reminds us, she lives as not just anybody, and she is entitled to live her fantasies.

EARNING WISH another highlighted project in this writing from conscious rapper Davolee is a book pervaded with sermons from the street altars. Fatherhood narrates rodo’s accidental childbearing. Yellow Card drives back to ordeals before the fame as we are re-introduced to his acknowledged afro sound vibe. Love is his ditty for the street Brothers. A perfect lure for King Of Boys suffused with battle bars, rodo directs his machine gun in the crowd as he wages war from the first minute to the last. Food For Thought is the trap joint wherein he traps for days ones, the unchanging and the snitch alike … I try to be what I want, I’m not trying to be sorry … Situation 🌟 calm the waves with a rapper’s duet on the guitarist chords in a solemn manner, rodo sings a ballad for his corrupt Nigerian society…//They say my pepper 🌶️ ko kin s’Ata… 😳// Innocent Davolee put his fear of the common man in the spotlight — ends with the shoot-out clip from the #EndSars protest on 10.20.2020. Democrazy shoots straight at the government of the day. Till The End make over the political view vis-a-vis an encomium for his beautiful lover and wife as she stayed in the rough for him. 🤼‍♂️Firewood dey my head…// e bami Sha na si — dance away with rodo as he sings on the Bata drums. 🌟Happiness would have been around a while before the project but its affluence resonates and it's a standout. My vibe, ladies and gents — 🌟Real OG, ma lo GBA pass lowo eni ti o ni accuracy hmmm. The horns spotlight the rapper in the middle of his societal view, and he raps his verses off the back of familiar experiences. Music Business is a dignified flow in his signature altar rap mode when he has issues to address. On My Terms is what it is… Davolee makes a classic album yo , Rodo!

Daniel Benson has a piece of mysterious music in him that reverberates, and he made SORRY I’M LATE to this echo! Never Stopped is the constant Hustler anthem, you can entertain the jam anywhere and get a vibe, people — did they say BNXN can’t sing? Just to be valid, Buju Benson’s Kilometre is not about the remake of Burna’s jam, its remix with Zinoleesky would be more popular shah. The Buju vibe 🌟 Something Sweet …// you know me I go give them Shade …// He does a dignified solo for himself and the intentional happiness he draws the fillip for the good vibe …//If you do me nicely, I go do you properly …// The CaveMen instinctively bring his band instruments out and joyfully play his music for Ogechukwu before they get BNXN to unfold on 🌟 For Here — his suspicion comes in a firm fit for the undervalued and scornful audience. However, he warps the tune for his baby at the end. 🌟 I Do is the recital from a carefully chosen trench kid that wants his fame badly…//I know the jizz ND I Ld kick it with you …

Niniola has the Afro dance genre on lock — Commando with Oskido is an ideal arrival all for LAGOS TO JOZI. I DID IT (BUM BUM) materialize as the maddest jam; Lady Du moves to tap Nini as she calls on the Bum Bum in as many distinct languages as the lady can! Sharp! Dig Dig puts forward the performer to address her deepest need and she sings her soul out for the boy who took her ❤️ away, now we know why she flew to Jozi !

Asake has broken the ranks; everything he makes trends, let’s track his 4- song debut Ololade Asake. Trabaye from 0 to 100…// Ah mo fe traba…// Olamide has signed another artiste folks 🌟 Sungba is the surprising takeout from the E.P — Mr Money sings a club banger for his boys nevertheless the celebrated number of the E.P was Omo Ope, an authentic melody all for the youngling making their boys proud. Badoo jumps on a splendid tune Mr Money mixed but itself is a sight of what his music has evolved to in a short time. Baba God, his prayer to God for direction and good speed.

Zlatan : Resan

Adekunle Gold : Catch Me If You Can

The Cavemen : Love and Highlife 🌟

Mayorkun : Back in office

T.I blaze : Fresh prince of Lagos

Victony : Outlaw

Omah Lay : Attention (With Justin Bieber) [Disclosure Remix]

Terri : In transit

Soundgod Fest Reloaded

Soundgod Fest Vol.1

Love, Damini

Boy, Alone

Bad Since ‘97

Mr Money With The Vibe

IN TRANSIT may perhaps have benefitted from an ameliorated commercial introduction. Holy Water is the sort of tune you sway to any day, anywhere. Terri Wanna Know if the lady is chill with his vibes and enticing lyrics. Gurl love deh For Here: Starboy Terri work out another fire 🔥 tune. Chargie is the star-featured song and affirms it is just the right project this artiste needs at the time. The work deserved an E.P deluxe No Lie…

Say Adam chop apple abi you no dey read bible … That Guy is riveting — Zanku master digs deep in the divine and says futuristic orison for his lasting power in the game. You be familiar with how we roll when BNXN hop Pon the drive — Alubarika 🌟 is Zlatan’s low-pitched exigency, Buju Benson carries this ballad to God on his abiding flow. Level serves as the unnoticeable kick-start: hither, the artiste flexes the Zankufrobeat exclusive to him. Omo you sweetie sweetie like Macaroni o 🐉

You may just forget that Zlatan crackle vibrant bars when he chooses to - Shakur lay down this notion just as Ms banks flavours the fast rap joint. Bella Shmurda Polongo is a matching signature song for the duo, Rexxie makes beyond doubt it’s one to recall! Egun would be the très cognizant attempt to air his vehemence out to the ladies that spurned him on the way to the top notably one he mistakenly married. One Life is a state-of-the-art Hustler anthem for all his boys from the east side and precedes Money! Money 🌟 with OBO is both the album promotional song and its hardest jam succeeded by viral jams: Ale Yi, Fada & Energy. I feel Zlatan Ibile moves the best recording to the last listing 😳 See Me So brings back the theme initiated in the first track, a discourse on his insecurity and cupid personality… He assents his thought process is muddled — once again sings for the love gone bad. RESAN — Zlatan

Penning a piece for Victony is a fantasy. His cadence is forever a delight to this editor — OUTLAW was precise as expected. Chop And Slide: bonny love tale from Victony’s rear vista. By now, I know the song progression by not looking at the tracklisting! Apollo deh o 🐉! His ttune is for the Nigerian lady yet the story and lingo are pan African; all power belongs to your Bum Bum. Beautiful 😍 Jolene is summoned and threatened with the police lol, Victony sings for love anew and it’s transcendent, no killing this vibe as we head down to Soweto … From his art and voice alterations, you understand the artiste is driving at a thing, however, his beguiling talent sets another scene to thrive.

2 CaveMen on a modified highlife train you can’t impede. Theirs is a heartfelt cry to the loves of their Lives. New Pammy hums your soul into his buoyant live band singing for an audience of 1. Biri is an eternal definitive even as Made Kuti teases with his horn in-your-face — southerners like me may not ken the meanings of the majority of the diction in LOVE AND HIGHLIFE; we let the vibe and the drums radiate the glow, Kpomkpom goes back thrice till I found 🤔The One. An intimate tune forges in with 🌟 Stranger — his plea is earnest, don’t leave him hanging! There’s this Acapella mix of sounds he rocks behind the main rendition — Oh Selense …🌟 Brother’s Keeper lights a deep musing melody for brotherhood. He goes “Ahhhh… Make we no fight ooo… You know say I be your brother … You know say I be your sister”

Nkari (Gift),🌟 is a different high-tailed love sung with wonders done on the drums again and again. Love and Trials is not allowed to be a letdown, love shortfalls are dealt with in a cavy manner. Azana 🌟 Azana is a fiasco from the heart of the cave as both etch the song with flavoured ad-libs on the snear. You would recall Ugo for its midmost drums interlude…” After the rain comes the sunshine, if you believe am, you go dey alright”. Cobhams Asuquo feature as a spiritual father on Were Kwushin — a beam of light to the path of those at sea as they sway along with cavy. Udo is a well-liked song for The Cavemen but comfortably takes a back seat on the track listing and reverence. Dance Like Cavy could possibly be the theme song. Here we are spotlighted into the smooth highlife dance of cavy…” Our love for you is magical, let’s make it Cavycal 🙃”. The cavort is cut off by Mom and she prays for Benjamin and Kingsley to conquer. The CaveMen sing a reassuring song as their mom drains them with advice and blessings. Good People are hard to find, when you find them, make them no runaway…

“…They call me T.I Blaze…Everyday man be working…” Growing up on the streets of Lagos is an unusual experience from wherever, young boy blaze sings with the sting of this grating reality. ILU! Gbedu wo Le de. Afrobeats from the TRENCHeS own its sound, the tempo has to stay right. Barry Jhay features mid-way on Oba — the divine one is implored for hope and blessings. Blxckie favours a tune in company with THE FRESH PRINCE OF LAGOS, Basic is the one approving of the ladies that keep melanin true. Sometimes is a pace-setter jam charged with timeless nuggets — duly deserves its sequel with Badoo ⚡

Oluwà blesses the tough Soldier Boy — Mayorkun performs with a choir as he basks in the highlight of an accomplished combatant in the Nigerian music scene. Back In Office is the blarney set where he devises future intentions and the reason he is well liked. The Mayor is in for both the good times and the bad! He is BACK IN OFFICE for a long assed time! Freedom correlated an uncut narrative of black youngins earnestly seeking liberation. Gyakie assaults the Mayor’s Desire as they both open bare intentions; not a thing slid down with the trumpet sounds piercing your soul. No Strings Attached is a viral tune Joeboy fancies, they just want you to go home with ’em with nothing attached. Will You?

Welcome a plausible contender for afro tune of the year — Holy Father hear our screams as she got me in her feelings. Victony might just be the ignition on this dial, but Mayor of Lagos does his magic on the track to make it the rave. Nakupenda is a solemn song that mixes a soft South African vibe with its counterpart from the northern part of Nigeria. Make you Feel Am as Flavour join the high-life train. The Mayor dices his rendition in flavoured Ibo tunes in company of Flavour who assists and cements his signature. My guys for mushin go feel am if you no feel am. Piece of Mind samples label mate Di’ja choice tune as he beseeched the divine for peace. Jay Jay conducts the southy vibraphone with DJ Maphorisa — he does a short rap verse to bond his presence. Mayor sings for the errant lady; he hopes to prove to her he won’t play like J.J10 🙃

Born Again features Fatoumata Diawara as ‘Dekunle expounds a far-fetched gospel of his turn as a new leaf. Adekunle Gold strides out in top-notch flair with TY Dolla $ on One Woman and the two twists the sound to their discern. Simi executes a prelude entreating her AG to have Mercy — the badman treads out and he relates his manifesto — You can’t kill my light I am sorry. Keep your body swerving to the tune because it’s 🌟More Than Enough. AG rocks his baby Simi …”No work today, you are my to-do list… 😍” The man sings up a total love scenery for his better half and our highlight is not muddled! Stefflon Don wades in mid-album to put some mileage on FYE. High with Davido is an intense contender for Afrobeats tune of the year, this song ran amok radios, video charts, indigenous streaming apps and the TV. I love to get high, and I won’t stop now. Dior Dior Dior propagate AG’s precept once more on his chosen slow-fast beat with Foushee giving the flavors and spices 🌟 Selah ! Is one for the crazy ladies daunting out on the streets of Lagos with wits, they ll disturb your peace — the tune can be repeated as many times you want + just CATCH ME IF YOU CAN +

Omah Lay had this 3-song E.P before Boy Alone dropped: Woman, Attention [Disclosure Remix] with Justin Bieber and Attention. The latter debuting on the Billboard charts. Woman is his confessional debilitude for the same gurl, Attention is the plea for reciprocating love