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11 min readFeb 16, 2022
La Flame writes for Kanye

Here goes the son of DONDA WEST…

Donda: +

Forever, yeah, can you hear me?

She might have been gone a long time, but Kanye flips the hourglass. This is Donda West’s spoken utterance sliver, and she talks about the significance of Kanye to her, the world…” …And what made thе project extra special to me is

I got a chance to share not only what he has meant to me

But what he has meant to a generation…” The World Famous Tony Williams & Sunday Service vocalizes beautiful praise to God before the earnest outro by Donda…”…What did I teach him? (Glory)

And why Kanye ain’t scared?”

Jail: +

“Take what you want, Take everything!” Ye screams freely in a locked ‘Jail’ with Jay-Z… “God in my cells, that’s my celly.

Made in the image of God, that’s a selfie.

Pray five times a day, so many felonies:

Who gon’ post my bail? Lord, help me…” Christians would relate to the saga of Paul and Silas in an Angel-jailbreak. This I believe is the theme of Jail, ye had this to say … “

Guess who’s getting ‘exed?

You made a choice that’s your bad, single life ain’t so bad

But we ain’t finna go there…

God Breathed: +

The expanse and rich production of each track would get you fixed. This piece was the third off the top and the second above 5 mins. Yeezus huffs God’s breath {Genesis 2:7} in Vory and the man goes…”Okay, now they gotta show me

Okay, okay, Devil’s talkin’ to me, angel’s talkin’ to me

But Angels start to tell me, “It’s okay to not feel okay…

Off Grid: +

Get set to bounce off the grid with a drill set initiated by Playboi carti 💥. Chicago is family to some of the hardest trap and gangster hip-hop music — Ye’s from Chiraq…”Don’t try to test me, I keep it clean, but it can get messy

I talk to God every day, that’s my bestie…

Fivio Foreign arrives for a prolix killer verse but Ye backs up for verse four to school fivio. A drill variant of the chorus tapers …

“We off the grid, grid, grid, grid

This for my kid, kid, kid

Everything we did for the crib did here

Flexin’ with the business trip

Going cray, take some G6

Lit, lit, ‘76…

Hurricane: +

You want melodious catastrophe when you cut Weeknd and Lil Baby a track, the hurricane is revealed…” Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm, I was out for self

Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm, I was up for sale, but I couldn’t tell

God made it rain, the devil made it hail

Dropped out of school, but I’m that one at Yale,,

Made the best tracks and still went off the rail…” The deepest treasure of this projekt is in the healing lyrics each star 💫 chimes in. The Weeknd sings…”…As I go out to see, I can walk on water

Won’t you shine Your light? Demons stuck on my shoulder

Father, hold me close, don’t let me drown

I know You won’t…

Praise God: +

Ye’s Christian now and he preaches to all the kids he brought on to get saved…”The devil my opp, can’t pay me to stop (It’s lit)

My God at the top (La Flame)…” Laflame replies…”Yeah, this life I’m livin’ (I’m livin’)

All the advice been tipped in (That thang)

Gave me that grip, no slippin…” Keem is given a lengthy verse and he kills the song! His topic centered around the young feral one hunting the right things — good influence from Ye I presume.

Jonah: +

Jonah got detained by God and was taught a lesson by being thrown in the belly of a 🐟. Vory sings “

I hope you’re here when I need the demons to be gone

And it’s not fair that I had to fight ’em all on my own

Like who’s here when I need a shoulder to lean on?…” This is Vory’s song. A killer first verse and blimey hook almost shades Lil Durk’s impact. Ye was sharp still…”Smoke a opp pack ain’t funny like that

It get ugly like that, can’t get no money like that

Holy Father, please, let me step in…

Ok Ok: +

Ye hung around his Chicago roots with a lot of Drill sounds on DONDA. Fivio’s Drill Ad-libs lit up the first verse letting Lil Yatchy take center stage…”…(Go)

Double cup filled to the top with the serenity juice (Yessir)

Moment of silence, R.I.P to Juice (Yeah, hey)

If they say it’s up, it’s up, I don’t need a truce…” Rooga would knock off the show with a comforting concluding verse.

Believe What I Say: +

Lauryn Hill’s Do Wop sampled…”Yo, yo (Check our situation)

My men and my women

(Yo) Yo, yo (Check our situation)…

It’s all Kanye on the chorus and verses but Buju Banton had a postulation — listen and Believe …”Okay, I didn’t throw a fit when you said you wanted to leave

I told you I loved you, but you didn’t believe

You were too easily fooled, so easily…your mind’s elsewhere, and you say you care? Haha

I’m laughin’ at you all, you think you got me? No…

Junya: +

Whatever Playboy Carti and Kanye were working on did not quite come off on this track. Kanye’s theme needed guidance and he sort of confused Carti; the latter perhaps should have been put on a full verse. His initial verse opens…” Ex-strippers (Mmh, mmh)

New killers (Mmh, mmh), Chi’ **** tell ’em (Mmh, mmh)

This on Donda (Mmh, mmh), on my mama (Mmh, mmh)…”. I cannot precisely discern what’s amiss as he finishes off wih..”…(watch it)

Ain’t nobody ‘round me losing sleep

Better find God ‘fore He find me

Tell the Devil good night, go to sleep.

24: +

Dear lord make it alright because nothing else ever feels right — this is Sunday Service Choir’s song as they reassure a brooding West…”…Gotta make it right ‘fore you left

Gotta make it right before you —

Everybody wanna feel likе

Everything gon’ be right…”. We grieve the demise of LA Lakers small forward: he used to wear 24🌘🌠. The choir voices are auto-tuned to sound astral as they sing…”…God’s not finished…Throw our hands up in the sky

Yes, Lord, we wave ’em high…

Remote Control: +

It might be simpler to limit the younger artists but with Thugger it can get out of hand. Ye had an 11-word verse tho’…”On my Instagram, it get outta hand

Why you so mad?

Given time to explore the depths of his vocal range and artistry, he makes thunderstorms. Thug robs the song at about 1:39 in and doesn’t hand it back till 2:49 just after he does a Pre-Chorus:

“He got this on remote control like a sink in gold

He got it, no fight, no more meds, twilight in the game

He got it on my hovercraft, have another laugh

Pop on a handstand, twilight in the man…

Moon: +

This is Scott Mescudi’s song, and I love this one to extinction as it’s taken to the moon. The absorbed song where Ye would not have a verse and is spiritually assisted by Toliver…”…much to say in these melodies, oh…Angels, they say I’m not ever weak, such a lonely moment

Heaven knows I might never sleep, trouble in my soul…”😾

Heaven and Hell: +

After the moon, there were homilies on heaven and hell. One of the few without rappers affected is introduced by the 20th Century Steel Band…”…Burn false idols, Jesus’ disciples

I can feel your pain now, I done bled my vein out

New level the game now, simulation changed

No more problems…

The recording indorses a stamped synth-pop Kanye production with the semi-horns and a distinct merger of sounds. He prays for, admonishes, and lifts you.

Keep My Spirit Alive: +

💥Westside Gunn opens for Kanye …”… (Thank God)

Screamin’ through the GT roof like (put word) ****, we done made it, thank God (Thank God)

Hundred-round drum didn’t…

The fiction of Griselda is one of hip-hop’s current hoorahs. Conway The Machine as a godsend tale to tell {Isaiah 54:17}…”No weapon formed against me ’cause I’m covered in the blood,,

Layin’ in the hospital when I got shot,, fam

Mama prayed for me, said she left it in God’s hands, yeah…

Royce da 5'9 is given some assist duties on the third verse — Ye did not hold back his feelings while compiling this album …”How I’m forty-two and you got a curfew?

How nerves dictate…” This song is well defined.

Jesus Lord: +

Next song Ye might have been outdone. Jay Electronica, a gospel hippie by barter blazes this track up…”…To the monk who visited Rothschilds like Thelonious did Pannonica (Shoo)

It’s Jay Elec-entendre-nica comin’ through your monitor

Back from the great beyond like the Son of Man or the Son of Donda💥? (Jesus)…

The fronts to free Mr Larry Hoover have heated up in the white society these times — Larry Hoover jr. pleads to have his father released even tho’ he founded the Gangster disciples.

New Again: +

We are agreeably into the project at track 18. Ye reestablishes the theme of pushing closer to God as he rises once again with Sunday Service Choir …”

…Most insane out-of-body experience

And I repent for everything I’ma do again (I accept Him)

And I repent for everything I’ma do again


Thank You, thank You, thank You for Your mercy, make me new…

This could have been Chris Brown’z joint, but he was not forbearing to be put on.

Tell the Vision: +

A tribute goes out to Pop Smoke on Donda. The track length is the shortest and obviously incomplete without a Kanye verse. Smoke was just getting started…”Look, I remember the days, same ‘fit for a week straight

I used to eat fifty-cent cake, now it’s Philippe’s

It’s Philippe’s for the steak

Buy it, I don’t care what it cost…” We saw the vision. You should have lived with us longer !!

Lord I Need You: +

A broken Kanye West whines to the holy spirit for comfort on a Wheezy 💥beat …”When you said give me a ring, you really meant a ring, huh?

Turned out to be more than just a fling…

You know you’ll always be my favorite prom queen…” Am heartbroken Kanye, wish you would not speak of these things…”…Startin’ to feel like you ain’t been happy for me lately, darlin’

‘Member when you used to come around and serenade me, woah

But I guess it’s gone different…

Hope you hear these words KIM !

Pure Souls: +

Roddy gushed a bunch bout grinding with ye on LIVE LIFE FAST. Proud moments for the young man as he basks in a real highlight. He and Ye talk about society, the impact of God, hustling and gang ties. Ye is alleged to be calm growing up, but it seems…” …All of my friends love to gangbang

How we in my car and you say we ain’t in the same lane?

And we was scammin’ for the prom before Chief Keef was “Bang, Bang”

Always had mob ties…

They pray for the cleansing of souls while Roddy Ricch has a beautiful chorus …”The truth is only what you get away with…

Come to Life: +

My soul cries out Hallelujah and I thank God for saving me, Ye guides you to draw from the well of life. This is a song about the desolation his uncle caused his aunt as he prays intently for all to see the light 🔆 as he has…”You know where to find me, they cannot define me

So they crucify me, how so fazed when I leave?

Come and purify me, come and sanctify…

No Child Left Behind: +

Vory reminds the children to put their trust in God…”…Back again, I used my back against the wall

Never called on y’all, never count on y’all

I’ll always count on God

Jesus told a parable of the shepherd that left his 99 ensured sheep to look for just one lost — Ye is touched by this gesture, and he repeats “He’s done miracles on me” five times for the times Jesus found him forthwith he’s 💯

Jail pt 2: +

It’s not just enough to bring Marilyn Manson and Dem jointz for Ad-libs, DaBaby gets locked in jail as well. Have got to declare — this is the best s**t I heard from Baby Jesus!! “…My mama worked two or three jobs to take care of three of her kids, my uncles watched

Yeah, we was raised by the crack addicts

Mmm, raised by the drug dealers, killers, and the junkies (Junkies)

Mama couldn’t save us ’cause she had to get the —

Ok Ok pt 2: +

One of the hardest trap joints comes at the rear and it’s shredded of gospel content but not of Fivio’s Hard Extras! …”Okay, now they got me wanna rap again

Healed up wound and then you stab me in…Shensea is put on the second verse, and she gets out buzzing but Rooga’s hightailed rap comes back. This verse surely is underrated — he and Ye steer the outro…”

Showin’ love, but we okay (We okay)

Find God ‘fore it’s too late.” Yeah ok.

Junya pt 2: +

Ty Dolla $ign springs out at Junya. Kanye still goes incoherent as before, but Carti’s verse is expansive and it made more sense. Dolla $ign imposes his favoured Kanye signature on this song and it’s a fine-tuned lift to part 1…”…I’m just tryna find our way, yeah

Look what God done done for the kid.

Jesus Lord pt 2:+

As I light my blunt the umpteenth time, I reckon this song might just be for me then…”Sittin’ by myself, I’m just thinkin’

About all I’ve been through, I wish I was dreaming

Man, it’s hard to be an angel when…” Electronica’s verse would be retained but The Lox gave up a classic east coast version of why you need Jesus.

Each man relayed his boorish ordeals, how they changed positions through it, and called out to the ones they lost.

Remote Control pt 2:+

The pt 2’s loaded up but Remote Control was not fulfilled yet, the best verse hadn’t come. Moon man rises to cause some more damage💥…”…I am so out of-out of control

And I’m fallin’, glowin’ in the mold

And she said she understands the code, see, we play our roles

This is how it goes, innocent, ooh

And I’m tryna find you in my dreams, ooh…Kid Cudi’s lengthy verse was from another planet and he was let on it all by himself. Once again all gospel inclinations are thrown to the wind: simply delicious!

Never Abandon The Family: +

“Two lessons that he passed along to his children, The first is that no matter what, you never abandon your family…” Ye’s maternal grandfather is used as the bench for the perfect family man and he falls short.

Northie is disgruntled…”…Tell mom you’re sorry, she’s screaming at me

“Daddy, how could you leave?…”

I shed a tear at this point in the journey — the man is moving through a torrent for real. Whisper a prayer for Kanye West folks.

Life of The Party: +

Inducted in hourly news reporting mode, it’s extensively the most expected and ambiguous track — at 6:13 mins, it covers about 8 views of life. 3 would be from Andre 3000 as he raps a dialogue between his dead mom and Donda West, 2 is drawn from a clip of DMX, a baby mama and the baby…”How was it? (We good)

You did a good job (It was scary)

Good job! (Our daughter got more heart than you!!)

The chorus of this piece might just be the best written/sampled with Notorious B.I.G’s vocals… “…it’s a marathon and look, we comin’ for the win

Just like Puff told Christopher, we gon’ win big (C’mon)…

Ye’s verse starts…”💥Southside gang mentality weigh heavy

I was thinkin’ out the box…

Vibing through Donda (Deluxe), am (bloated) Kanye West is affiliated to the Chicago Gangster Disciples.

The last three songs are the favourite cuts from the deluxe version.

+Moon 🌕

+Jail and Jail pt. 2

+Never Abandon The Family

+Off the grid

+Keep my spirit alive


+Life of the Party

+Jesus lord

+Remote control 2

+Pure souls

+Ok Ok

+Lord I Need You

Overlined songs are the Editor’s favourites.


*Five Foreign

*Baby Keem




*The Lox

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