Ayomikun Boyede
3 min readApr 10, 2022
La Flame writes for The Weeknd

Dawn FM is a transitional album for Abel from his previous dark times into a Dawn. Birds warble at Dawn FM just as Abel’s voice in the fade-out bestows Jim the space to welcome you to this dial. You’ve been in the dark for way too long It’s time to walk into the light. Gasoline emerges — a total burial tune sung by 5 AM while we dance on the beat till it’s… Just before you walk your legs off the gas, How Do I Make You Love Me continues the Electro-dance in a pressing manner. Abel pleads for approval from his lover, after all the words, an extensive simulation dance beat was delightfully created devoid of any utterance which transitions into — ⭐Take My Breath peaks straight away from the preceding high strung simulation beat! Clocked at 00:05:39, it has an elevated tune-switch at 00:03:19; I feel you can f**k all night to this, don’t say I let it out ⭐Sacrifice — in the city that Bourne he, the winter never sleeps…under the logic of a sacrifice, Abel is giving away this girl’s love in exchange of more fun, more fame…

STOP DANCING — sit down, listen to a ⭐Tale By Quincy. Quincy remembers his tale of growing up, losing his mother and performing negligently in romantic relationships there is a transition Just before we go… ⭐Out Of Time is a precious symphony for the outmoded lover who remembers what 😦 his soul is rendered of and how significantly he’s been hurt. A little jingle follows the performance by Jim, Don’t you dare touch that dial Because as the song says, you are out of time. Here We Go… Again is quite a pessimistic song — it recalls a couple of Weeknd’s successes last year alone as a {tool} to get back at the new girl 💁 ditching him, Tyler only aggravates the situation. He would allege her Best Friends as he pushes to decipher the aloof, selfish stance of his lost humane and why he would tear her heart apart…Abel sings that he’s been in a toxic love dilemma before, and he still hasn’t healed from it. ⭐Is There Someone Else ??? This is the Editor’s favourite pick on this blistering project and also a personal favourite. The Weeknd is asking his lover if she has anyone other than him, also hints that he has not been loyal in his past relationships, he claims that he changed. In Starry Eyes 👁The Weeknd talks about what he has learnt of the dangerous consuming virtue of love through his ordeal,️the song extends the soul burning into Every Angel Is Terrifying a top-notch well-executed experimenting Interlude where Jim does a commercial and brings back the dancing — On a regular, angels are portrayed as spirit beings however they are terrifying bizarre beings in the Bible.

⭐Don’t Break My Heart please, Weeknd begs fervently as he falls apart but it seems it’s just the liquor talking… Been waiting all night for this tune to come in “you’ll keep coming back for more” — ⭐I Heard You’re Married ft. Lil Wayne a retaliation set that makes you feel so fulfilled because presently your lover is in an alcove and might never make it back. At the same time, the music made addresses how they fell in love. Wheezy’s side of the tale is 💥.
Less Than Zero titles Abel’s cry for aid as he ultimately plummets to the abyss and pulls the curtains on a dynamic energetic feat of a music album

Out in the middle of nowhere, Jim does it again this time with Weeknd singing and egging him on in the background. More than just an epilogue — Jim is out to clarify why you might have a 🌟Phantom Regret. In other words, you got to be in heaven to see heaven.

Abel Tesfaye. The man in your Weeknd.